Behind the Glass


Canaan is an individual with a passion for exciting and expressive images. He is an artist at his very core. "Wedding photography was the initial draw for me, as I believe deeply in the profound significance of the marriage commitment. However, along the way, I discovered a passion for photography in all forms. It is, after all, art. It's a chance to show something beautiful in the oft overlooked. It's about capturing a moment in time that stirs something inside of us; that captivates us. I realize that what I do as a photographer is unique; everything from my perspective, to creating and utilizing the perfect light, to the magic of my post-processing - My signature style is unlike anything any other artist is doing in the Phoenix market and beyond. To say that I care about you receiving the perfect images is an understatement. I love my clients, and I am fortunate enough to have worked with the most incredible people one could ever hope to meet."

If you are looking for a wedding photographer, senior portraits, a boudoir session or a family photographer ~ remember, you don't have to settle. Let's create something amazing together!


Canaan Bittel